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Make Room for Roadside Crews

When the power goes out, so do San Patricio Electric Cooperative’s line crews. Lineworkers are the first to respond after an outage occurs, and they work tirelessly to restore power to the communities we serve.

Cold Weather Leads To More Energy Use

Although our winters are normally mild, this winter has been unusually cold. We have already had several freezes and even snow and ice in our service territory. As a result, many of our members may experience electric bills that are higher than normal.

Before There Were Lights

The story of getting electricity to rural America is a powerful one. It’s a hero’s tale of the little guy taking on corporate America and winning. It’s an inspirational story of neighbors working together for one common purpose.

Youth Tour Deadline Extended

San Patricio Electric Cooperative has extended the deadline for Youth Tour applications. Essays and applications for Youth Tour are now due February 2.

Youth Tour is an action-packed trip to Washington, D.C. that includes visits to all the popular monuments, museums and attractions. Each year, about 125 students from cooperatives across Texas attend this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Cooperative Built By Farmers

C. A. Maedgen knew the value of electricity in 1938. He already had it at his farm in Bell County. His home in Mathis, on the other hand, was still in the dark.

So, he went to the local power company to see about getting lights at home. The power company explained that he was too far from the nearest lines and it would be cost prohibitive to bring electric service to him.

SPEC Offers $20,000 in Scholarships to Local Students

Applications are now available for San Patricio Electric Cooperative’s scholarship program. The co-op will award 10 scholarships, worth $2,000 each, to the class of 2018!

Apply for Youth Tour Today

The deadline to apply for Youth Tour is quickly approaching. Students have until January 5 to submit their application and essay for a chance to win this all-expenses-paid trip.

12 Days of Energy Saving Tips

1.  Use LED lights. Replace your old strands of holiday lights with new LEDs. These energy-efficient bulbs use about 70 percent less energy than incandescent light strands and can last up to 40 times longer. While LED bulbs are more expensive upfront, they will cost you less over the long run. A strand of incandescent C9 bulbs will cost about $13.33 to operate during the holiday season, while a strand of LED bulbs will cost just $0.13.

Efficient kitchen lighting: A Recipe for Savings

Kitchen sizes, styles and configurations have changed dramatically through the years. As consumer lifestyles and tastes have changed, kitchen lighting has evolved to reflect these shifts. In the past, a simple florescent ring placed in the center of the ceiling operated by a single switch was the norm for a typical American kitchen.

7 Energy Saving Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to bring friends and family together. And since the occasion is marked by a big meal, it means spending a significant amount of time cooking. Energy costs in the kitchen can total up to 15 percent of a home’s energy use, so it’s worth it to learn how to use less energy.

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