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Power Outage Safety

Storms are the most common cause of power outages, but your power can still go out when skies are blue. We've had power outages caused by accidents with crop dusters, farming equipment and vehicles.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Forecasters are predicting an above normal hurricane season this year. They expect 11-17 named storms, with up to four storms developing into major hurricanes. Despite these predictions,  there’s no guarantee about how many hurricanes will hit landfall or how destructive they may be. Hurricane season has officially started, so take the time today to make sure your family is prepared.


SPEC Reduces Board Size, Consolidates Districts

On April 17, 2017 your Board of Directors adopted a resolution to consolidate the co-op’s seven director districts into six, and reduce the size of the board from eight directors to seven.

Wind at Work in Texas

The energy industry is changing. As technology has advanced, the use of renewable energy resources has grown. Many people express interest in producing energy through the use of solar panels, but you might be surprised to learn that wind is a much larger contributor to America’s diverse energy mix.

Make your Manufactured Home More Efficient

If you live in a manufactured home, you may have a higher energy bill than a family living in a modular or traditional wood-frame home. The good news is there are many ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The History of Air Conditioning

When San Patricio Electric Cooperative began providing electric service in 1938, air conditioning was not only primitive, it was a luxury only the very wealthy could afford. Our rural residents spent sweltering summer days with open windows, fanning themselves, or finding much-needed relief at the nearest swimming hole.

10 Electricity Safety Tips for Kids

May is Electrical Safety Month, and San Patricio Electric wants to remind you of the important electricity safety lessons to teach your children. Help us keep our smallest members safe by going over these 10 safety tips with your children or grandchildren this month.

Residential Electricity Safety Checklist

When it comes to protecting your home and family, your electrical system shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want to make your home’s electricity use safer, run through this nine-step checklist.

SPEC Awards $100,000 in Scholarships in 2017

San Patricio Electric Cooperative awarded 20 scholarships, worth $5,000 each, to area students who will pursue a higher education in the fall.

10 Safety Tips for Storm Season

As the weather warms, it’s especially important to be alert for severe weather. Rain, lightning, flooding, high winds and even the occasional tornado or hail storm are all possible during the spring and summer months.

With that in mind, San Patricio Electric Cooperative would like to remind you of these important safety tips:

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