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Earn Energy Savings On Your Vacation

Whether you’re planning an exotic vacation or an out-of-town trip to visit family, you can find energy savings while you’re away. Follow these tips before you hit the road.


  • Turn up the AC. If no one will be home (including pets) crank up the thermostat to 85 degrees. Don’t worry about the cost to re-cool your home when you get back. The energy savings you get from turning up the AC will outweigh the energy it takes to cool it off again.


  • Put lights on a timer. Leaving on a light or two can make it appear as if someone is home. But these lights don’t need to be on 24/7. By putting a light on a timer, you can ensure a light comes on for just a few hours per day.


  • Unplug electronics. Most devices that are turned off will still use power if plugged into the outlet. You can cut this energy waste by unplugging them. Before you go on vacation, unplug devices such as your alarm clock, coffee maker, TV and computer.


  • Keep curtains closed. Block sunlight and heat by closing all blinds, curtains and shades. It will also keep prying eyes from peeking in while you’re away.


  • Send your water heater on vacation. Many newer water heaters have a “vacation mode” that prevents the unit from heating water that won’t be used. Alternatively, you could turn the temperature down on your water heater by manually adjusting the thermostat dial.
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