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Call SPEC to Trim Trees Near Power Lines

With spring upon us, we want to remind you to leave tree trimming near power lines to the professionals. Trees growing in power lines, or even near them, can become energized. If you were to come into contact with a tree that was touching a power line, by trimming, touching or climbing it, it could be hazardous or even fatal.

San Patricio Electric Cooperative has an obligation to provide our members with safe and reliable electric service, and we work to honor that commitment in a variety of ways. Our tree-trimming program is key component to our everyday effort to maintain our power lines. We provide regular tree-trimming throughout our service area. This maintenance helps prevent outages, saves money and keeps our members and employees safe.

We understand that you may value the trees on your property, and don’t want them cut or trimmed. However, trimming is often necessary to ensure service reliability and to protect you, your loved ones and your property.

Even branches that appear to be clear from the line can be blown several feet during a windy day or storm. This contact could cause your lights to blink, or go out completely, and cause damage to our power lines.

To ensure these branches don’t make contact with power lines, we prefer to have at least 10 feet of clearance on either side of the line, and 12 feet of clearance above and below it.

Furthermore, trees and brush in a power line right-of-way can inhibit or block access for SPEC personnel, which could increase the amount of time it takes to restore power during an outage. It could also become a safety hazard for SPEC employees if brush limits how an employee can climb a pole and could cause significant injury to a lineman should he fall.

SPEC contracts a tree trimming service crew to prevent tree overgrowth near power lines. They cycle through our service area, working a circuit of line at a time, until they have touched our entire system. This typically takes around six years. Then they start over again.

This tree-trimming program helps us systematically provide tree maintenance throughout our service area, but we also rely on you to report any issues you see that may need immediate attention. You play a key role in the safety of your fellow members and co-op employees. If you notice a tree branch that’s growing too close to a power line, call us to report it at 361-364-2220.

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