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HALO-Flight Saves Lives for $1 per Month

By Jane Haas, HALO-Flight Marketing Director

Being two years old means being inquisitive, and not necessarily understanding what might be more harm than fun.  Colt Chambers was two on the day he and his parents had a first-hand experience with HALO-Flight, and the rattlesnake that found Colt in the yard. 

The family was enjoying a pleasant South Texas December afternoon in the yard when tragedy struck. When Colt screamed out, the family swept him up and sped to the hospital. 

Following exhaustive treatment, HALO-Flight was called for transport to the closest pediatric center in hopes of saving his young life.

“A huge weight came off my shoulders when I saw the flight crew coming down the hall,” said Amanda Valverde Chambers, Colt’s mother. “I knew he was going to be in good hands and I was able to relax.”

The flight was fraught with skilled medical interventions, according to the Flight Nurse on board. Upon arrival at Driscoll Children’s Hospital the flight crew was greeted by HALO-Flight Board Member, Dr. Jay Koska, DCH Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Medicine Physician.

During his hospitalization, Colt made a remarkable recovery despite the cascade of events that made it such a challenging case, explained Ryan Kelley, one of the HALO-Flight medical crew who helped treat and transport Colt.  Kelley even visited him in the hospital a few days later. “When I walked in the door, he sat up in the bed. I just teared up,” said Kelley.  

After two days in ICU, followed by five more in the hospital, Colt was discharged on Christmas Eve.


None of us knows when tragedy will strike. Being prepared for the unexpected is one way to help protect yourself and your family from the high cost of life-saving care.

Since 1987, HALO-Flight has been there when minutes matter most. And since 2003, HALO-Flight has given back to those who support its mission with a subscription membership plan, known as the Guardian Plan. This plan helps reduce the financial burden of air ambulance service.

An average air ambulance transport can exceed $20,000. Many insurance companies only cover 30 to 50 percent of this cost, leaving the patient with the remaining balance.

Insured members enrolled in the Guardian Plan are charged no out-of-pocket expenses for HALO-Flight transports deemed medically necessary. Uninsured members receive a 50 percent discount for HALO-Flight services.

As a SPEC member, you can enroll in the HALO-Flight Guardian Plan at a discounted rate of just $12 per year. The plan typically costs $35 per year. However, through a special billing arrangement, SPEC can add the cost of service to your monthly electric bill, so you pay just $1 per month for the potentially life-saving service.

HALO-Flight membership provides debt forgiveness assistance for flights anywhere in its 26-county service area. This also includes flights deemed medically necessary between South Texas and trauma centers in San Antonio, Houston, Austin and the Valley. Membership also includes debt forgiveness assistance with HALO-Flight’s reciprocal partner, Dallas CareFlite.

Your coverage extends to those that live in your primary residence on a permanent basis. If you want your membership to cover these dependents, you simply need to list them on your HALO-Flight membership application.

If you’re interested in becoming a HALO-Flight member at SPEC’s discounted rate, complete, sign and return your application to HALO-Flight. Or, contact us at 361-364-2220 or for more information. When the application process is complete, HALO-Flight will notify SPEC, and we will then begin including the $1.00 charge on your monthly electric bill. 

The special rate and billing arrangement is available for residential SPEC members only. However, HALO-Flight offers additional subscriptions plans for those that don’t fall into that category.

  • Individual  -   $35 annually per household
  • Business  -    Rates are per employee/family per year, based on the size of your business
  • Ranch -         $35 per employee/family per year + $35 per guest per year.

For more information on these plans, contact HALO-Flight at 361-265-0509 or   

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