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Residential Load Survey Sheet

In an effort to provide you with the most reliable electric service possible, we ask that you complete this form, Information given below will be used to determine the size of the transformer installed and the size of the conductor (wire) used. Indicate only the equipment that you plan on installing now or in the near future. If you add any equipment in the distant future, remember to call your cooperative to let us know. Changes can be made at that time if necessary.

Please fill out the form below and hit submit, or print the Load Survey Sheet (PDF) and return a complete copy to P.O. Drawer 400, Sinton, TX 78387

Name of the account holder.
911 Address for the service location
Include the P.O. Box or Street, City, State and ZIP
Select all that apply
Please list any other large appliances that will use electric power such as an additional refrigerator, a hot tub or a pool pump.
Type NA if your water heater is gas.
Type NA if your water heater is electric
Type NA if your AC is gas
Type NA if your AC is electric
List the square footage of your home
Example: 18 ft x 90 ft

Pre-Construction Checklist

Note: Give thought to planting trees or adding buildings. Plant trees at least 20 feet outside the right-of-way for power lines.
Note: The cooperative will need access for installing service, reading meters and maintaining power lines. We prefer to have our own lock on your gate. (Please type NA if you do not have a locked gate.)
This could include services such as water lines, telephone lines, pipelines or septic tanks.
Note: The cooperative will not be responsible for damages to buried lines that are not marked and excavated.
Is the meter located on the house?
Is the meter located on a pole?
Is the main disconnect located below the meter?
Is there an 8' ground rod driven at your house?
Did your receive a meter loop diagram?
Do you need the cooperative to provide the meter loop?
Note: All meters are to be located outside and accessible to co-op employees. All meters must have a main disconnect located below or beside them. For construction specs, see our meter loop diagrams.
Please type your first and last name to serve as an electronic signature.
By checking the "I Agree" box above, you agree that you are signing this Load Service Sheet electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of signing the document with ink. You consent to be legally bound by this agreement's terms and conditions. Further, you agree no certification authority or other third party verification is necessary to the admissibility of your electronic signature; and the lack of such certification or third party verification will not in any way affect the validity of your signature or the resulting contract between you and San Patricio Electric Cooperative.
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