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Stay Connected by Updating your Contact Information

In the utility business, we know rough weather will occur, and sometimes power outages simply can’t be avoided. But did you know there are steps you can take to ensure your electricity is restored as quickly and safely as possible? By keeping your contact information up to date, you can help get the power on faster and take full advantage of the services San Patricio Electric Cooperative offers.

Not having the correct phone number linked to your home address makes it more difficult for you to report an outage and for us to find you when you do. If you have gotten rid of your landline or changed phone numbers since you set up your account, make sure you update us with the best way to get a hold of you.

We offer a number of ways to report a power outage. One of the newest is outage texting. When you text us, the system automatically recognizes your phone number and determines the service address for which you are reporting an outage. However, it only works if your current cell phone number is listed on your account. Once it is, you can sign up for outage texting here.

We also need our members to keep their mailing address up to date. Even if you’ve opted for paperless billing, there are still occasions when we need to send you important information, or capital credit checks, by mail.  

How to update your contact information

Online through SmartHub - many of our members already use SmartHub to pay their monthly electricity bill, but it can be used to manage your SPEC account, too. When you login to SmartHub, click “My Profile” in the top menu to update your contact information.

Call us- our customer service representatives would be happy to help you update your contact information. Just give us a call at 361-364-2220 or toll free at 888-740-2220 and let us know what needs to change.

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