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Call us! 361-364-2220 or 1-888-740-2220

Report An Outage

To report an outage, call us at 361-364-2220 or 888-740-2220. You can view our current outages by checking out our outage map.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should your attempt to correct the cooperative’s outage problem on your own.Our linemen are trained to safely and quickly restore power to your area.


Information needed to report an outage

When you call to report an outage, keep the following information handy.

  • Your account name and account number or meter number. The meter number is located on the silver tag in front of your electricity meter.
  • The location or address of the power outage.
  • A call-back telephone number, in case SPEC needs to reach you.
  • The possible cause, such as a down power line, if known.


Report your outage online

As a SPEC member, you have access to SmartHub. In addition to being an account management and payment tool, the website and mobile app make reporting an outage easy. Login or set up an account with SmartHub to get started. 


Report your outage by text

If we have your cell phone number on file, you can simply text us when you're out of power. (If you're not sure, give our service coordinators a call at 361-364-2220 or check your SmartHub account.)

Sign up for outage texting here to get started!

Report your outage through text message


Power Outage Tips

We do our best to provide reliable service at the lowest possible cost, but there may still be unavoidable circumstances that knock out your electricity for short periods of time. While you should never try to correct a power outage yourself, here are some things you should check for before calling SPEC.

  • Check your fuses and breakers. Check your fuses and breakers to make sure they are working properly before you give us a call. The problem may be as simple as flipping a switch.
  • Call your neighbor. Power outages are rarely limited to one home. If you find yourself without power, contact a neighbor. If their power is out too, it’s time to notify SPEC of the problem.
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