Payment Assistance Programs


The following organizations offer help paying your electric bill:


    Community Action Corporation of South Texas

    San Patricio County – 1-361-364-0220  or  1-361-364-9131

    Bee County – 1-361-542-4596

    Jim Wells County - 361-661-1300


    Community Council of South Central Texas

    Live Oak & McMullen Counties: 1-830-303-4376


    Community Action Corporation of Victoria

    Refugio County - 361-578-2989


    Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi



    The Beeville Vineyard

    210 N Monroe

    Beeville Tx




Save Energy, Save Money 

If you're looking to save money on your electric bill, a home efficiency checkup is a good place to start. An efficiency checkup, or energy audit, is a thorough look at the electricity used by your home. It gives you an idea of where you’re wasting energy and what fixes you should prioritize to make your home more efficient.


Before conducting a checkup, our energy services representative will take a detailed look at your kWh usage over a 12-month period, paying special attention to how the usage changes with the weather.


The next step is a home visit. During an efficiency checkup, our energy services rep will go through your home, room by room, and make recommendations to help you save electricity. He or she may also perform a thermographic scan or blower door test to seek our air leaks and ensure your insulation is up to par.


This is free service for SPEC members. Schedule an appointment today!

SPEC Energy Services Representative