SPEC Members Eligible for HALO-Flight Discount

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Peace of mind for $3 per month probably sounds too good to be true. But for residential members of San Patricio Electric Cooperative, that small monthly commitment could be a lifesaver.


SPEC’s residential members are eligible for a discounted membership rate with HALO-Flight, a non-profit air ambulance service. HALO-Flight transports patients with emergency medical needs to the appropriate hospital by helicopter. This service can be especially lifesaving for anyone living in a rural area that’s far from medical services.


HALO-Flight’s Guardian Subscription Plan is priced at $60 per year, but SPEC members are eligible for a discounted rate of $36 per year. Through a special billing arrangement, the co-op can add the small monthly fee to your bill.

To sign up, complete an online application.

That $3 fee can go a long way if you ever find yourself in a medical emergency. The average helicopter transport can exceed $25,000 and the expense only rises the further you need to travel. However, if you ever need to be transported by air due to medical necessity, HALO-Flight will transport you and forgive or reduce that debt once all insurance options have been exhausted.


HALO-Flight members with medical and/or automobile insurance are not charged out-of-pocket for a necessary medical transport. The organization will bill your insurance company to recuperate any of the costs it may cover for your transport. Any payment it receives from your insurance company is typically considered payment in full.


However, even if you don’t have insurance, your transport costs can be greatly reduced as a HALO-Flight member.  The organization offers a 50 percent reduction in transport costs for Guardian Plan members without insurance.


HALO-Flight coverage also extends to dependents living in your home at no additional cost. You simply need to list them on your HALO-Flight membership application.


HALO-Flight serves 26 counties, or approximately 28,000 square miles. You and your listed dependents are covered anytime you are in this service area. The organization also has a reciprocal partnership with Dallas CareFlite, which will provide service to you within its service area if necessary.


If you’re interested in becoming a HALO-Flight member at SPEC’s discounted rate, complete the online application.


The special rate and billing arrangement is available for residential SPEC members only. If you’re on Medicaid, state regulations prohibit you from becoming a HALO-Flight member. However, HALO-Flight will still transport you if medically necessary. 


Should you discontinue your electric service with SPEC, your HALO-Flight membership will automatically terminate 30 days after your account has been final billed. If you choose to terminate your HALO-Flight membership at any other time, you need to contact HALO-Flight directly at 361-265-0509.